Friday, November 2, 2018

Book Review: A Merry Bramblewick Christmas by Sharon Booth

Christmas in Bramblewick is always lovely, a chance to reunite with some of my favorite characters
from the series. I've always liked Izzy and I'm thrilled she got her own book. It's just a bonus that it takes place at Christmas and we get the children in their annual pageant. Plus, Anna and Conner's baby is due at any moment.
Ash, Izzy's fellow teacher, is a nice man, great with children, but he thinks he's somewhat forgettable, especially compared to Izzy's ex-boyfriend. He's been attracted to Izzy since he met her, but thinks he doesn't have a chance. Izzy is going through her own troubles. Her best friend Anna seems somewhat distant, and she doesn't think she'll ever find a man who would agree with her decision to not have children.
I say this in every review of Ms. Booth's books: not only does she bring Yorkshire to life, she also writes very real people who love and fight and get on with living despite all. Izzy and Ash's romance is touching even while it's almost torched by Izzy's tendency to make assumptions. This is advertised as a feel-good novel, and I agree. Another wonderful story from Ms. Booth.

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