Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New Release on Pre-Order: The Forbidden Scrolls by Matthew Cesca

After a heist gone horribly wrong, Juliya awakens in a room of a monastery. While she knows she had stolen a mysterious artifact there, she can't remember or understand all which has happened since. She is offered a chance: help the High Priest track down the artifact: The Forbidden Scroll of Fire that she stole; or be turned over to the guards.

But there are complications. The scroll was taken from her by Frost Dirvent, the sorcerer who hired her to steal it and then betrayed her, leaving her for dead. The heir to a family of necromancers long since defeated, Frost has stepped forth from the ashes of history to reclaim the power he believes is his birthright.

Despite her misgivings, Juliya must work with a group of adventurers to track down Frost and reclaim the scroll from him before he can use its powers against an unsuspecting world. But the journey to stop him will take her to the last place she ever wanted to return to: Home.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Book Review: The Sage by Kayla Krantz

In the third book of the Witch's Ambitions trilogy, we find Lilith injured after the last battle. Now both her legs are damaged, and she can't walk. She's acquired more information about her mother, none of it good. Meanwhile, a magical sickness is attacking the witches of Willow's coven and she finds she can't reanimate them.
I found this book a little slower in pace than the first two. There's one battle, but it's off-scene, so the story is mostly about the conflicts existing within Willow's coven and how Lilith deals with the various characters there. It's a good ending to the series which resolves Lilith's battle with the Council and gives hope to those left in the Land of Five.
The series as a whole is an interesting world of witches not quite like anything I've seen before. I liked the idea of the covens divided by their powers. The ultimate betrayal of the Sage, the witch who rules them all, and Lilith's resolve to overcome her makes for an interesting dynamic and a good read.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Book Tour & Giveaway: The Splintered Crown by Larry N. Martin

The Splintered Crown
A Tankards and Heroes Novel
by Larry N. Martin
Genre: Epic Fantasy, Adventure Quest 

A medieval fantasy with a party of adventurers all ready to make a name for themselves and earn some gold.

Tankards and Heroes is set in the city of Kortufan, where spies, assassins, mercenaries, arms dealers, rebels, smugglers, and informants do dirty deals dirt cheap.

The Poxy Dragon is a rough bar outside the worst part of the medieval Silk Road. It takes serious courage just to walk into the place, not only from its reputation but because of the rough clientele, questionable food, awful beer, and abysmal hygiene. Lots of taverns in Kortufan are home to ruffians and illegal dealings, but the Poxy Dragon is the proving ground for heroes - with a cemetery out back for the ones who don’t make the cut.

Lady Leota, the resident demigoddess at the Poxy Dragon, sends would-be heroes to different realms on quests. Once committed, there is no turning back, and if they want their reward, every party member must return through the portal – dead or alive.

Larry N. Martin Larry N. Martin is the author of the new sci-fi adventure novel Salvage Rat, and the new portal fantasy series, The Splintered Crown, A Tankards and Heroes novel. He is the co-author (with Gail Z. Martin) of the Spells, Salt, and Steel: New Templar Knights series; the Steampunk series Iron & Blood; and a collection of short stories and novellas: The Storm & Fury Adventures set in the Iron & Blood universe. He is also the co-author (with Gail) of the Wasteland Marshals series and the Joe Mack - Shadow Council series from Falstaff Books.

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