Saturday, August 31, 2019

Book Review: Party Central by Mandy Lawson

L.K. (Lora Kate) London needs a job and a new roommate. Her best friend Sam does what he can to is surprised when she manages to land a job as an event planner as well as snag a roommate Lynsey. She's not happy when Lynsey starts to date Sam, but on the other hand, her new boss Ben is buying L.K. gifts and taking her out.
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I love a best-friends-to-lovers book, and this is a fun read. I admit that I never warmed much to L.K. She's spoiled and immature, often acting more like sixteen than the twenty-three-year-old college graduate she actually is. Her behavior, especially in the workplace, was somewhat unrealistic and/or naive. (Nobody gets a diamond necklace from their boss in the first week without something else going on) Sam, however, is a doll. The story is told in L.K.'s first-person POV, but I'd have loved to have the story alternate with Sam's. He's kind and looks out for L.K. who definitely needs all the help she can get.
This is a cute story and a clean Christian book, perfect for the beach or a cozy fireplace read.

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