Tuesday, August 13, 2019

New Release on Pre-Order: The Forbidden Scrolls by Matthew Cesca

After a heist gone horribly wrong, Juliya awakens in a room of a monastery. While she knows she had stolen a mysterious artifact there, she can't remember or understand all which has happened since. She is offered a chance: help the High Priest track down the artifact: The Forbidden Scroll of Fire that she stole; or be turned over to the guards.

But there are complications. The scroll was taken from her by Frost Dirvent, the sorcerer who hired her to steal it and then betrayed her, leaving her for dead. The heir to a family of necromancers long since defeated, Frost has stepped forth from the ashes of history to reclaim the power he believes is his birthright.

Despite her misgivings, Juliya must work with a group of adventurers to track down Frost and reclaim the scroll from him before he can use its powers against an unsuspecting world. But the journey to stop him will take her to the last place she ever wanted to return to: Home.

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