Wednesday, March 27, 2019

New Release: Summer of Incantations by Cruz Asher & Avery Allen

Now On Sale for $.99

This epic first installment of the de Valais Chronicles will cast a spell you’ll never forget. 

Kemina and Gabrielle aren’t just cousins, they are members of the illustrious de Valais family of witches. 

On Midsummers Eve the cousins experience the sudden death of a classmate. An event unleashed by the wrath of an obscure enemy.

With their impending enrollment in the magical Mont Grey Academy, tensions between the two are rising.

A sudden trip to Italy will change everything they know and force the girls to confront centuries old secrets. 

With the entrance of new friends, they begin to find themselves, just as an ominous presence draws closer.

Learning to draw on their powers, their teenage impulses to stand out and be noticed are put to the test against loyalty to their kind. 

Will the revelation of a hidden deception change the course of their lives? Or will love truly conquer all, no matter how dysfunctional?

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