Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Book Review - Little Girl Lost by Angelique S Anderson

Little Girl Lost is a story of a young girl betrayed by an uncaring family. This first part of this short story series tells how Star is often left hungry and dirty because of her father and stepmother's gambling addiction. Sent to stay with strangers her life becomes better and worse. It is told from Star's viewpoint which gives her story even more poignancy. It is very well written and a fine start to this series. While a sad story, it is also a story that begs to be told.

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Angelique S. AndersonBiography

Angelique S. Anderson is a singer/songwriter who majored in English and creative writing in high school. Having spent a couple years as a song writer, she decided to pursue her passion of story writing. She studied psychology at Liberty University. Currently she home schools four little girls, and enjoys doing speaking engagements and meeting new people. After living in Nashville, Tennessee, for four years, she and her family moved back to their home town of Stockton, California, where they currently reside.

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