Monday, June 20, 2016

Book Release: Collaborative Novel Parallel is on pre-order now!

Interactive Ramblings is the perfect mix of drawing the reader into the action and giving the author a writing adventure they won’t soon forget! Our innovative project will include five parts of 10,000 words apiece, each one continuing where the previous one left off. As they are completed, the sections will be published in e-book format and made available for $0.99. In between each installment, there will be a round of voting so the readers can decide how the next part of the story will be written.

Blurb: Ava has finally found true love with her boyfriend, Mason, and her life is absolutely perfect. Until one night, during a casual kayak ride, the two of them are pulled into a whirling vortex under a bridge, and Ava is thrown into another universe where unicorns and fairies exist in the human world. With her alternate-universe self, Avalon, and an annoying hunter named Hunter, Ava must find a way to get back through the portal and to Mason. She is able to access another portal with the help of a witch, but when Avalon and Hunter tag along, there’s no way of knowing where they’ll end up next.

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