Monday, June 27, 2016

Book Review: A Spell in the Country by Morgan Smith

A Spell in the Country is another story in the Averraine Cycle. I had already read (and reviewed) Casting in Stone and enjoyed it very much. This book is much the same.
Keridwen is the youngest of a large family. She would have been expected to marry a young lordling but she is interested in fighting and swordplay so she enters the army instead. Despite her young age, she is put in command of a troop whose leader commits treason against his overlord. Keridwen is captured by Prince Tirais and is lucky enough to impress the Prince and his advisors instead of hanging.
Keridwen has a number of adventures, both in battle and in the Prince's court. She is a strong, smart, and lucky heroine who manages to prevail despite the odds.
The battle and fighting scenes are well-written and so are the scenes that take place in the soldiers barracks. The plot is intricate but moves right along. I enjoyed that many Welsh names were used in the story and look forward to more tales from the Averraine Cycle.

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