Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Review: A Shining Star by R. Castro

A Shining Star is a nice read for the Christmas season. Cali works at a foundation that helps children who have been abused or abandoned. She's in the Development office, garnering contributions for the foundation and is very good at her job. She was helped by the foundation in her own youth.
Just before the holidays, Reginal Bosc starts working at the office with the purpose of coordinating a huge donation and expanding the foundation's reach. As Cali and Reginal work together professionally, they find some romance too.
This is a fairly quick read. There are a few disturbing issues that come up as part of Cali's and Reginal's past lives: rape, suicide, and illness, but there is also very heartwarming aspects that will charm the reader. I especially enjoyed Cali's travel to Baden-Baden for a fundraising event. Cali is sweet though she has endured much in her short life, and it was nice to see Reginal come out of his shell. I could easily see this story made into a Hallmark Christmas movie.

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