Thursday, June 22, 2017

Book Review: Tilly's Troubles: The Days of the Dead Day Two by J.R. McKinlay

This is the second book in The Days of the Dead series. Tilly and Amber are on Secundas Terra, the parallel world where Amber and her family live. Abeo, Tilly's familiar, has been severely injured, and Tilly and Amber must cross the city to find a potion to cure him. They are still searching for Tilly's mother and find the Reverend and the Doctor who help them in their quest. The girls also meet many new friends as they try to escape their enemies.
This is a perfect series for young teens who like Harry Potter. It is told by an omniscient narrator who interjects much wry humor into the story in many asides. After being told to fill out Form BP4372A we get this bit: ((Form BP4372A grants children the right to suspend their Parents' parental rights until they turn seventeen and form BP4372B grants the parent the right to send their child to boot camp until they turn seventeen. After which it is up to them to sort their problems out.)) 
The book ends on a cliffhanger. I can't wait to see what happens with Day Three of Tilly's Troubles.

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