Friday, June 2, 2017

New Release: Home Front by Shannen C Wright

When Kana imagined running away from home, she never expected to run all the way to China. Nor, did she imagine tugging along her infant son, Michael, but that's exactly what happened. Five thousand miles from family, friends, and the life she once knew, there are still problems. Kana must learn how to integrate into a hotel brimming with; her werewolf boyfriend, her vampire best friend, the ice queen hostess and her teenage shapeshifter daughter – just on the cusp of puberty. 
The threat of exposure still lingers when their hotel is discovered, stress and personal issues run high, and there is still that little monthly issue with the werewolf...
And when everything starts to fall apart, Kana faces the toughest question of her young life: Just what wouldn’t you do for family?

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