Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Review: True to You by Liwen Ho

Melanie Koo came to the United States as a young girl from China. Her parents are very traditional and proud of their eldest daughter who is a doctor. Her mother wants to marry her to another Chinese Christian doctor from their church in an arrangement, but Melanie is urged by her younger sisters who have become more Americanized to hold out for love. When she meets Ben Peters, a math teacher at her sister's school, Melanie thinks they might be right. But there are a lot of obstacles before these two can find their HEA.
This is a quick read and a cute story. I liked that the author was careful of stereotyping while still using elements of Chinese culture throughout the story. There was some head-hopping which sometimes made it hard to understand who was speaking, but otherwise, the writing was good. This is a clean romance with interesting characters, suitable for any readers.

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