Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Release and Book Review: The Phoenix Lord by Angelique S. Anderson

The Phoenix Lord is the sequel to The Dragon Lady. Lord Adrian McCollum marries his true love, Wylie Petford, and sets out to exhibit his steam-powered carriage, first in London, then America as he looks for investors. Wylie still has her Dracosinum and performs her nightly duties, but when she falls ill, it's up to Adrian to find out what's causing her sickness and get a remedy.
This fast-paced book is a fun romp through a world of steampunk and fantasy. Here be dragons as well as a phoenix and mysterious gods. Ms. Anderson has hit her stride in this exciting tale for readers of any age though I think MG and YA readers might enjoy it most. I only hope she continues this great series so I follow Adrian and Wylie's further adventures.

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