Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Release, Review, and Giveaway: Pink Lock Socks and Sequined Witch Hats by Carla Rehse

Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats
by Carla Rehse
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy

Witches must bond with humans in order to produce children—and once the bond is made, it cannot easily be broken.

Imagine seventeen-year-old Gracie Mason’s surprise when she accidentally bonds with a witch named Asher. Sure, he’s cute, but that’s beside the point. She’s not gonna settle for a guy just because she’s magically bound to him.

To dissolve the bond, Gracie must seek out another witch to perform a magical rite. However, matters become considerably more complicated when witches begin turning up dead. Wanting nothing more than to get on with her life, Gracie must now team up with her new witchy friend and wade deeper into a complex world of enchantment and intrigue.

Pink Lock Picks and Sequined Witch Hats is an enthralling story of magic, mystery, and murder—and each new twist will draw you further under its spell.

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Book Review:

Gracie Mason is accidentally bonded with Asher Halrick when a magical spell goes wrong and is drawn into a world of magic and murder, far different from the exclusive and privileged life she leads. 
Asher and his twin sister Willow are both witches. He is adorable and she's the cute geeky girl. Neither would normally be part of Gracie's social set which are mostly mean girls and their rich counterparts. Her parents are a wreck, divorced and using Gracie (as she uses them) to fight each other. 
I tried hard, but I couldn't like Gracie. She's the queen of mean girls and doesn't really mature to a better person. There's hints she could be nice once in awhile, but they don't really make up for her obsession with designer clothes and lack of regard for anyone not of her status. 
This is a well-written and fast-paced YA story. It's not a book I'd normally read, but I do think fans of the genre would really like it. 

Although not a native Texan, Carla prides herself on having mastered the correct usage of “y’all” and “bless your heart.”

Carla is owned by a persnickety kitty, who rules the computer keyboard and only allows Carla to write when demands for cat treats are met.

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