Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Under the Cypress Tree by Ashleigh Zavarelli

Product DetailsUnder the Cypress Tree is a sweet romance. Annabeth Richards hasn't seen or heard from Archer Beaufait since he left her to go to Iraq. In the last six years she has continued with her own life in the small town of Belle Pont. But that life is thrown into disarray when Archer returns home. She has secrets but she's still in love with him. And he regrets hurting those he left behind.

I really liked both Archer and Annabelle. Most of their original problems were the result of being too young. Now they've matured and really work to straighten themselves out. It's a somewhat predictable story, but you still root for them to get together. I was warned that some of the dialect is Southern but this Yankee didn't have any issues with that. A lovely and quick read to warm your heart.

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