Monday, May 26, 2014

Jezebel by Justin Hamlin

Product DetailsJezebel is a fast-paced gritty novel that tells the story of Jenny, the "good" girl (at least she wants to be good), and Jezebel, the demon creature that possesses Jenny and uses her body as a vehicle. Jenny is an A student, but her best friend Sharpie tends to lead her into trouble, whether with missing curfew, having sex with boys, or dressing inappropriately. But once Jezebel has control of Jenny's body, her really bad side come out. Meanwhile, as Jezebel identifies more and more with Jenny, her personality also undergoes a change and she becomes much nicer (for a demon).

Jezebel has amnesia and can only remember the last few years of her long existence. But the author uses flashbacks to reveal pieces of her past lives in some of the different vehicles she has inhabited over the years. I particularly liked Janice, the American girl, who really helps Jezebel find some humanity first.

Jenny and the other girls at her school are finely drawn and I think accurate as to how girls in what seems to be not the best area of town might act. The other characters are diverse and interesting, even the bad guys. There is a lot of gore and a few sexual situations that some readers might object to, but they fit within the context of the story.

I really did enjoy this book. It is not one of my favorite genres, but I enjoyed the story and would like to see what happens to Jezebel when she returns to America.

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