Wednesday, May 28, 2014

View From the Sixth Floor by Ellizabeth Horton-Newton

Product DetailsThe premise of this book was good, although I had a pretty good idea of the big reveal early in the book. But the book was very slow to get there and then never really delivered. It was way too vague in the details of the conspiracy, maybe on purpose as Bill didn't want Olivia to know, but it left me hanging and slightly bored.
I probably would have given this book three stars, but it badly needed a proofreader. There were almost no commas in the entire book and it really interrupted the flow of sentences. I would often have to go back to reread to catch the meaning. For example, “I know honey." Is he referring to Olivia or is he a beekeeper? Place names weren't separate as in the example here: "Then he kissed me, right in front of one of the oldest steak restaurants in Fort Worth Texas."
This was a proof copy and maybe the author intends to correct these issues before publication.

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