Friday, April 17, 2015

Another Adventure in the Oxford Hills - plan your vacation in Maine!

The Black Swans takes place in the fictional town of Antrim, Maine which is based in the western part of the state in the Oxford Hills. Taisie takes a hike up the hill behind her parents' farm. At the top is a quarry where she and Conn swim and camp out.

In the Oxford Hills there are many beautiful hiking trails, but my favorite is the family-friendly trek up Singepole Mountain. My sister and my nephew (Matt was about 7 yrs old at the time) hiked up Singepole many years ago for the first time. Since then I've hiked up multiple times as well as four-wheeled it on one memorable trip.

At the top is a quarry where we have had picnics, swam, and picked blueberries. The view of Norway/South Paris is spectacular. And yes, after swimming, you do come out all sparkly from the mica in the water. This was way before Edward Cullen and the Twilight series and has nothing to do with vampires.

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