Sunday, September 24, 2017

Book Review: Whispers of a Broken World by Jeff Pryor

Reactions to a poetry book can be varied, and I found this true of the different poems in "Whispers of a Broken World". A few I didn't care for, but I enjoyed many of the others in this collection by Jeff Pryor. The overall tone is one of despair, the view that this is a "broken world", and there's not much we, the readers, can do about it.  Some of the poems are more uplifting, such as 'Is It so Hard?' or 'Nature Night', but more are in the mood of 'I get sad' or 'Goodbye', melancholic and without hope.
A few, such as 'Prices', could be song lyrics. I could hear a tune as I read it.
My favorite was probably 'Do You Believe?'. It spoke to me as a writer and activist, but I think that any reader will find something to like in this collection. 

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