Friday, February 9, 2018

Book Tour, Giveaway, and Excerpt: Insatiable Darkness by L.M. Preston

Urban Fantasy, YA, Romance, Novella
Date Published: March 2nd, 2018
Publisher: Phenomenal One Press

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EmVee didn’t know what to think about this new town her father’s passion for boxing lured them. It was an unlikely location for her to pursue her dream of going semi-pro. Just when she started getting used to the school with gorgeous jocks and strange cheerleaders, the depth of the danger her father’s choices dangled them in front of became clear. EmVee hoped Silas and Kayson will be able to help her uncover the mystery identity of the person who is threatening her family. The question is, will she survive to expose the mystery.


“Psst!” the red-haired girl next to her called.
            EmVee ignored her.
            “I’m Megan.”
            EmVee nodded. What her problem was she didn’t know. EmVee didn’t like her. The girl seemed a bit ‘extra’.
            “I heard you are new here. You didn’t ride the bus, but I saw you coming from the block next to mine.”
            “Oh-kay.” EmVee trained her eyes on the teacher, hoping the girl would get the hint.
            “I’m Megan by the way. The only vacant house on that street is haunted. So, I guess your family was the lucky ones to move in.” The girl smacked her teeth. “After they cleaned it up.”
            EmVee almost choked on her tongue at that last comment but decided to keep up the nonchalant act so the girl would be quiet.
            EmVee stretched and skipped her gaze around the class for anyone who could be a distraction. Or another seat she could move to, but the other students snickered at her and turned away. Just great; no wonder no one else was sitting beside the Megan mouth.
            “I knew the girl who lived there before you did.”
The desk next to her squeaked as EmVee swore the girl was moving closer to her.
“So?” EmVee rolled her eyes. Was this girl for real? Obviously, she didn’t read body language well.
“She left in a hurry, there was blood all over the house, and the news reported possible murder, but they found no bodies.”

[Prequel, Vigilant Series, Caged Fire Book 1: Coming Fall 2018]

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