Wednesday, May 2, 2018

New Release & Review: Silence Speaks by Paul Goldman

Silence Speaks, the new collection of poems by Paul Goldman, is an introspective journey for the reader. The reader can meditate on the lovely words of each poem; I often paused to delve deeper into a stanza or line and reflect on the meaning, of how I fit in the world around me.

Each word seems carefully chosen to flow in a harmonic resonance that sings to one's soul. There is a strong spirituality at work here, but more muted and retrospective than in his previous works.

While I like almost every poem in the collection, I will share some lines from one that touched me the most called Do You Remember? 

Do you remember how to fly?
Just lift your arms, bend your head 

back and feel your wings unfold.
Soon, you are aloft in the clear 

abiding blue, nothing but endless sky
all around. 

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