Saturday, June 6, 2015

Book Review - Chaos Bound by Adriaan & Rebecca Brae

Chaos Bound (Mist Warden Book 1)This was an interesting book, well-written and with complex engaging characters. Jessica is in 10th grade (the book takes place in Canada so I think that translates to a Junior in the US). Her boyfriend has moved to the city and her two girlfriends have moved on to other friends. Jessica is pretty well adjusted and even though made the butt of practical jokes she handles it all pretty well. What really freaks her out is the odd events happening around her and the visions she is having. She makes new friends Drew, a First Nation boy, and Mac, an ethnic Japanese girl with super fighting skills. This trio is determined to get to the bottom of the strange happenstances in their town.
This is where I had some trouble as a reader. The story vacillates between paranormal and science fiction and as a result the plot is weakened. I would have been more comfortable if the story decided on one or the other because it didn't make sense as to what was happening - was it dark forces that possessed a boy or was it aliens from another world. For a while I thought the aliens were actually from a fantasy world, but I finally settled on another planet because of the chapter heading information. It wasn't too clear to me as a reader and so I lost the thread of the plot a few times.
I'll be curious to see where the series goes with the next books.

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