Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Book Review: The Lot Attendant by Jason Robert Cornelius

Jordie Flank is a man who has been floundering on the brink of madness nearly all his life. Occasionally things in his life look up as when he's living with his grandmother in Montana and going to school or when he marries Hope. Mostly his life is a mess even if a lot of it seems self-inflicted. He's angry all the time and spends his time in futile gestures of defiance.
This is a powerful story, well-written, and giving the reader a lot to think about. Jordie's solutions to his issues are horrifying, but it's hard to see any other paths for his salvation.
Though somewhat short (around 100 pages) it is not a quick read because the reader needs time to think about the action. The main story is interposed with flashbacks that give some meaning (if there is any) to what drives Jordie to his final solution.
It's a great read and I look to see more from this author.

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