Friday, August 7, 2015

Book Review: Hope from the Ocean by P.S. Bartlett

Hope from the Ocean is a lovely book about a family in Ireland. It is a prequel to Fireflies though I read it second which I think was probably better in some ways. Two brothers become orphans and must go to live with their Uncle Dan and his family in 1820-30's Ireland. While Dillion, the younger brother, fits in almost immediately, Patrick, the older brother, often feels out of place. Finally, he runs away to go to America.
The story switches to a young Owen Whelan who lands in Philadephia with his mother Rachel.Owen studies to become a doctor while they live with his aunt and uncle.
Both stories are well-written and they are two separate stories. Since I read the sequel already, I know how they link together, but I think another reader might find them disjointed and confusing if they hadn't read Fireflies. But taken on their own I enjoyed both stories very much. The Irish family was well-drawn and interesting to read about. The Philadephia story I found slightly less interesting, but still enjoyable. I would read more by this author.

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