Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Indie Spotlight - The Lot Attendant by Jason Robert Cornelius

“It’s the little things that drive a man to madness.” ~Charles Bukowski
That man is Jordie Flank, parking-lot attendant for a college bookstore. Overeducated, underemployed and unable to psychologically filter out life’s small annoyances, Jordie is slowly going insane.
Living in a perpetual state of anxiety and perceived injustices, Jordie’s tenuous grip on reality is utterly undone by the death of his wife. Once his descent begins, Jordie rapidly spirals toward absolute madness, yielding to the deafeningly final compulsion to commit mass murder.
It’s not always madness the ‘little things’ drive a man to -- Sometimes it’s the morgue.

BioJason Cornelius is a graduate of the University of Alabama at Birmingham's School of Communications, class of 2005. A native of Birmingham, Alabama, he currently resides in Montana with his wife, Wendy.

ReviewA riveting, stunningly graphic and professionally written portrayal of an everyman caught in the grip of overwhelming circumstances that drive him to the edge of madness. A scathing and uncompromising indictment of a godless and indifferent world that is much too close to reality for anyone's comfort. If it's sugar coating you're looking for, this is definitely not for you. One could call it a present-day dystopian novella, which is astonishingly fresh and original besides. One could also call it a news story examined under a powerful microscope. Highly recommended. RoZ Berry Verified Amazon Purchase

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