Sunday, November 29, 2015

Book Review: Crestfall by Lily St. John McKee

Aria Andrews comes to Newfoundland for the funeral of her twin sister, Sonata, whom she has not seen in seven years. Sonata has been brutally murdered and Aria must find the murderer with the help of her brother, Finn, and the policeman in charge, Bennet Halfknight. All three of the Andrews siblings had magical powers: Aria has command over earth, Finn over fire, and Sonata had command over the air.
Finn's new girlfriend is a witch and she and Aria become friends. Sophie also helps in this paranormal murder mystery where there are werewolves and other creatures.
Crestfall is an engaging story and brings a fresh perspective to paranormal worlds that is still within credibility. I especially liked the origin story for the werewolves. The descriptions of Newfoundland were right on and perfect for the story. I enjoyed this book and I think that any lover of paranormal tales would like it too.

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