Monday, November 16, 2015

Libraries and E-Books

I grew up in libraries. My mother had us at the local library at least once a week and sometimes more. My grandmother was the town librarian in the next town from us and we would visit her there also. Libraries are just some of my favorite places to be.

As an Indy author I still believe in libraries. I've donated my softcover books to places where I am able. And I participate in the SELF-e program sponsored by Library Journal that allows e-books to become part of library catalogs across the country (USA only). Further information is in the link below, but I would urge you to think about participating in this program. It is free to submit and if accepted, your book is entered into the SELF-e catalog as a curated book.

I think this program is a win-win. My book is now available in my local public library as a curated selection and libraries are promoting Indie authors to their readers. Check out the information below if you are interested.
Check out this link if interested

See if it's right for you!

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