Thursday, November 5, 2015

Book Review - Linked and Holding the Link by Hope Welsh

Lana is a work-at-home web designer. Her mother recently died under suspicious circumstances. Lana refuses to have anything to do with the paranormal abilities that she seems to have inherited from her mother. But when something invades her house one night, she barely escapes.
Cole is a private detective with a secret of his own. He finds Lana and is immediately attracted to her and wants to help her.
This two-book set is the first part of the Prophecy Series. Lana and Cole are steamy together and must work to find out what happened to Lana's mother and then resolve Lana's own difficulties. It's a good story and a quick read, especially if you like paranormal romances. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. I intend to read the third book when it comes out though there isn't a cliffhanger ending (each book can be read on its own).

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