Monday, May 1, 2017

Book Review: The Dragon Lady by Angelique S. Anderson

Wylie Petford lives in a poor section of London and works in the stables of the man she adores, Lord Adrian, but who is far above her station. He is also engaged to her best friend, Lady Judith.
When her father dies, Wylie inherits his magical powers which both complicate and ease her life. She must save her neighborhood from the evil Lord Ukridge, use her powers for good, and try to find true love - a lot of tasks for one young woman.
Wylie is a plucky heroine and it's fun to follow her adventures. Lord Adrian does his bit, too, and Lord Ukridge is a wicked villain. The interplay of good and evil allows the reader some reflection on morality, but the story moves right along with a lot of amusing moments too.  This clean story has a bit of magic, some steampunk, and a little romance - oh, and don't forget the dragons. I recommend this enjoyable read for YA and even some MG readers.

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