Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Release: A Demon Summoning: Neldorailin Series by Amanda Redhead

For ages, the peoples of Neldorailin had been drawn to the Druid's Stone. Some, for the druids gathered there; some seeking healing, others, knowledge. Many stayed, and settlements were founded. And all the while, the energetic magical fields flowing beneath Neldorailin, was the essence that compelled them. 
As time passed, these shelters became villages, and the villages became a city. At the very heart of what was to become Waldheim, the Druid's Stone remained, and the sacred grove surrounding it. The Academy formed to protect the grove, and to harness the energies of the Ley lines, beneath. 
Children from miles around dreamed of coming to The Druid's Stone to learn the secrets of magic. Humans, elves, pixies, dwarves and even young dragons little more than mere hatchlings.
For Forniel, it was much more than a dream. He had been abandoned upon the Academy's steps when but a wee babe, as the abomination born of Orc and Human parentage. Learning magic was his means of obtaining respect. Yet when his tutor flatly refused to advance him in the teachings of Demonology, Forniel decided to take the matter into his own hands. The others would stop teasing him for being different when he could command such awe-inspiring and deadly power.
But in his zeal and fervour for power, Forniel makes a deadly mistake. A mistake that will imperil all of Neldorailin.

The fast-paced short story prequel to Amanda Redhead's full-length novel, "Elven Dwarf", The Demon Summoning will propel readers into the heart of the Waldheim Magical Academy where the very nexus of Neldorailin's magical lifeblood flows through the Ley lanes and the lives of those individuals who harness and protect these energies.

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