Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Journey of the Marked by Rebecca P McCray

Product DetailsI really enjoyed The Journey of the Marked, Book 1 in the Miyran Heir series. This planet was originally settled by the Graeliths who are a beastly species now used by the evil Tyrnott race that has taken over the planet. Before that the Graeliths allowed the Miyran people to settle there and they brought in many different races to live together in peace. The Miyran ruler still fights against the Tyrnotts by marking special youths on their sixteenth birthdays to help them overthrow the Tyrnotts.
Five young people are marked around the same time and must journey to where encampment of the rebellion will keep them safe. The Graeliths are sent after them to kill them as they do all the marked.
The world-building here is excellent with many (almost too many) different races. That was my one quibble and I would recommend that new readers go to the authors website where there is an excellent description of the races. I wish I had done that as I was confused by the multiple characters and races during the first third of the book. But I finally was able to put the names with the characters and really enjoyed the diversity.
I will read the next book when it comes out.

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