Saturday, May 30, 2015

Vacation in the Oxford Hills - Fairs Edition

Spinning angora from the rabbit on her lap

In The Black Swans Taisie and Conn meet for the first time at a fair. Maine is known for its summer fairs. There is a fair every weekend in some part of the state and crowds of people head to them for fun days of rides, food, agricultural exhibits, and horse racing. The fair season culminates every year in the Oxford Hills at the Fryeburg Fair, maybe the biggest one of them all.

Trying the rockers
Over the years I've been to most of these fairs. The fair in the book is an amalgamation of these, but the fair most like that in the book is the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)'s Common Ground Fair held on the third weekend in September. It is my very favorite fair. The food is fantastic although if you want a coffee or caffeinated drink you're out of luck - the food is all natural and delicious. There is every type of food you can imagine: Indian, turkey legs, pie, gyros, and so on. There are exhibits over the three days ranging from sheep herding to building a sustainable community to choosing the right fleece. The classes and lectures are great. There's entertainment for everyone with many artists, craftsmen, and musicians. There's a separate childrens area where they can play games and do crafts. There are no rides excepting some horse-drawn wagons, but I don't think anyone misses them at all.

Cross Pollination
Pictures all from 2014 Common Ground Fair

Maine fair schedule  -

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