Saturday, April 23, 2016

Book Review: Demon Within: Fallen Angels Series by Julie Nicholls

What a fun and sexy book! Demon Within is the first book in the Fallen Angels Series by author Julie Nicholls. The book starts when an angel falls in love with a human and is sent to eternal damnation.
The scene switches to Kai, a former slave who now rules Blackhill, a town near Darkmide where he was formerly a slave in the gold mines. He rebelled and defeated his former masters, closing down the gold mines and freeing the slaves. His close friend, Sabe, is also his closest advisor as well as Sabe's sister, Kiera. When Sabe advises him to make an alliance with King Garlan from the nearby kingdom of Brightstone by marrying the king's daughter, Eloise, Kai agrees.
Eloise has a secret power and though a little shy and too apt to listen to her brother, Roulan, agrees to the marriage and they travel to Blackhill.
Meanwhile, Castor, Ellanor, and their son Jace are also travelling to Blackhill for an alliance with Kai. And a mysterious creature is destroying other towns around the area.
Ms. Nicholls does a wonderful job of keeping all the various characters on track and their paths intertwine in unexpected ways that end up making perfect sense. There are angels, demons, priestesses, princesses, and warriors. The love story between Kai and Eloise is wonderful, tender yet steamy. I can wait to read the next book in the series and I heartily recommend Demon Within to lovers of paranormal romances.

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