Friday, May 27, 2016

Book Review: Old Town Nights by Linda Lee Williams

Old Town Nights is the first book in the Blood & Company series. Ambrose Slater helps his family run a series of excellent bakeries in Chicago. Oh, and he's a vampire. But such a nice vampire. In this take on the vampire genre, the vampires are normal people who happen to have a blood disease. They live almost normal lives, no extra long lives, no can't go out in the sun, etc. They do have powers of persuasion and they do bite.
Ambrose falls in love with Abby, a realtor, who he pretends to buy a house from, but is really setting up a situation where he will bite Abby and make her addicted to him. His conscience bothers him both before and after because he doesn't want to coerce her into anything against her will.
Ambrose's family is the focus of the book. Some of them are nice people, some not so nice, but all are interesting in how they approach their vampirism. It's a fresh and intriguing approach to the vampire genre that I really enjoyed.

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