Monday, May 9, 2016

Learn about Goats!

Applegate Farm, the newest book in the Antrim Cycle, takes place on a working farm in Maine. Our main character, Jane, arrives and tangles with the resident goat.

Her question was never answered as something hard hit her in the butt and Jane fell forward, landing on her hands and knees. Something hit her again and she fell flat on the ground. Both children were yelling and the dog was up and barking and her butt hurt, but Jane didn’t understand why. From where she was laying on the ground, Jane saw the door of the double-wide fly open and a young woman rushed out, waving a broom.
“Git, you old goat! Git!”
Really, Jane thought, rubbing her sore tush, labels from the children are one thing, but this was just plain name-calling. She rolled over, trying to get up and explain, and that’s when she saw Sunny tugging at the collar of an evil-looking goat, trying to pull him away from her. Screech was helping, pushing against the other animal and barking loudly, while the goat started baaing or bleating, whatever goats did. Chickens were squawking and flying away from the melee. The woman had arrived and was batting at the goat with her broom while Rain stood on the bench waving her doll and adding to the general noise.

In truth, goats are not quite so evil and can be even very lovable. They are also great animals for a beginning farmer to raise. Here in Maine, you can learn all things goat at Stony Knolls Farm, or Goat School, in the tiny town of Saint Albans.

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