Monday, July 10, 2017

The Heroic Tales Bundle - Sword and Sorcery, Alternate Worlds and Lots of Adventure!

Imagine: you are seated about a blazing campfire, you and the other bards. Tales of Achilles, Beowulf, Alexander, Odysseus, Conan, Tarzan, Joan of Arc and other heroes are told, along with new ones that carry on with the Jungian archetypes so central to our very nature. Men and women who brave the unnatural, the fantastic, and the plain weird.

Without the circle of firelight, shapes of menace and strangeness stalk horrifically, but the heroic tales hearten us, and strengthen the entire tribe in both body and spirit to continue the battle of good and right, against the strange and evil. We all have the need, deep within us, for Heroic Tales!

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