Monday, April 30, 2018

Book Review: Getaway Gone Wrong by Lia London

Parker, the director of the reality show in the first book Who Needs Reality, is on a forced vacation to Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest. She meets Guy, a year-round resident, and the two are attracted to each other despite knowing this is a short-term friendship. Plus, everything seems to go wrong whether it's Parker locking the keys in her car or stepping in dog poo.
This is a sweet romance. Both Parker and Guy must overcome some ingrained modes of behavior and insecurities to find their HEA. There are some very funny moments and some poignant scenes that make the reader really feel for the couple. Parker was so tough in the first book, and here we see some vulnerabilities. Guy is just a sweetheart.
This is a nice clean romance that readers will enjoy.

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