Saturday, July 25, 2015

Book Review: Guardians of the Crystals by K.D. Martel

Guardians of the Crystals starts out with excellent world-buildng. The story takes place on Earth, but where Atlantis has sunk under the Antarctic. The Atlanteans have moved with their crystal power technology to somewhere in Central/South America. They share the planet with other species, especially the Osirions. The descriptions of the culture of the Atlanteans is very well done and draws you into the story almost immediately.
Deanu is a young Atlantean woman who has a rare gene that makes her a guardian of their crystals. When a half-Atlantean, half-Osirion man named  Enkarath comes to learn their technology, Deanu and the elders agree to help.
This is where the story devolves into a silly romance. Enkarath has an ex, Deanu has an ex, and there is all sorts of soap opera drama between them all. Meanwhile, a rebel faction of the Osirions are trying to steal a crystal.
This could have been a great book if it had stayed in the science fiction genre. Instead, it's a mismash that treads the line between romance and scifi. There is way too much heaving bosoms and manly biceps and it's just inane. The book could use an editor also. It's very readable, but Deanu's eyes kept changing from turquoise to green. I personally started skipping over the very detailed descriptions of every wardrobe change; a good editor would have cut some of that out.

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