Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paranormal Romance Blog Hop Excerpt from The Black Swans

Taisie took a deep breath and dove in, breaking through the water cleanly. The further down she went, the colder the water and at a sudden shiver, she rose back to the surface and flipped onto her back, letting her arms and legs splay out and float. She lifted her right hand to her face, looking at the sparkle of the silicon from the water on her skin reflected by the sunlight. It would gradually dry and fall off her skin, but the small pieces of mica would stay on her clothes and in her hair. She wouldn’t be able to wash it off until she got home tomorrow. Well, maybe she’d hike back down tonight if Conn didn’t show up before sundown. She had the flashlight if it got dark and she could take a quick shower at the farm and then stop at his cottage.

There was a splash behind her and she flipped her feet down, turning to see the black swan that had landed on the water.  The bird arched his neck, dipping his head down to the water, half turning away from her. But Taisie let out a delighted laugh, and she splashed at the bird. Conn, for surely it was him, backpedaled in the water, as if surprised by the sudden attack, but then tilted his head, black eyes studying her. Suddenly, he flew at her, scooping water at her with his head, drenching her face and shoulders. Then he flew across the pond and turned back to eye her reaction. She sputtered and wiped the water out of her face, then ducked under the water and swam towards him. She exploded back up, splashing water in his direction. He let out a squawk, fluttering his wings, drops of water splashing everywhere.

The girl and the swan glided and dove back and forth, playing and spraying water at each other, not conscious of any oddity in the situation. Finally tiring, Taisie treaded water, taking deep breathes and blowing bubbles out while she watched Conn swim slowly towards her. She reached out and stroked his head, trailing her hand down the arc of his neck through the silky feathers. At first he looked away, as if he could not bear her scrutiny, but bit by bit Conn turned towards her. They stayed in this tableau for a moment, then Taisie took her hand back and lazily swam to the lower lip of the quarry. She climbed out and turned back to say to the swan, “I’m getting cold. I’m going to get dressed. Wait here for a moment.”

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