Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Erosions: The Careless Trilogy Book 1 by Ashlyn Forge - free copies available

"Desperation knows no bounds for a nobleman broke. With his family's estate on the brink of ruin, nineteen-year-old Galen has few dignified options left.
So when a sickly fighter named Osbourne falls into his servitude, Galen embraces the chance with arms wide open. Winnings from a good death match would offset his family's staggering debt.
Desperation can only take him so far, however, when he realizes that strong, violent, fearless, and skilled Osbourne is also mentally impaired.
Forcing a simpleton into the ring is a line Galen hesitates to cross. There's no easy way to get rid of this servant, though, especially now that Osbourne's twin is hunting for Galen's head. Not to mention the very dangerous men who want their promised fight."

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