Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Winter of Springtide's Queen by Danielle Ste. Just

Today I welcome fellow Maine author Danielle Ste. Just and her new book. The Winter of Springtide's Queen.

Book Blurb:

Persephone, the Greek goddess of springtime, has been masquerading as the human Stephanie for almost 500 years to escape her annual imprisonment. 
Now Hades has found her and dragged her back down to Hell. 
Forced to judge souls and craft their perfect punishment, Stephanie chafes at her long-forgotten role as the Iron Queen of Hell. In retribution for her long absence, Hades vows to find a way to keep Stephanie with him forever. When the fiance of Stephanie’s best friend Jane dies in a car accident, Hades offers a wager. If Jane can find her fiance’s soul in Hell and bring him to the Earth’s surface without looking back, she'll win his life. 
The price if Jane fails? Stephanie must spend the rest of her eternal life in Hell. 
With her powers dormant until spring, Stephanie has no extraordinary skills to contribute other than her knowledge of the underworld. Armed only with their wits and a few gifts from Hephaestus, Stephanie and Jane must battle through Hell’s multiple facets to rescue Jane’s lover. 
As their quest brings both women to the brink of despair, Stephanie must not only ensure that Jane wins the wager at all costs, but also relearn what it means to be a goddess.

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Author BioDanielle has been a writer since her childhood, after she found new and exciting worlds in fantasy and science fiction. She loves to bring strong characters, new worlds, and poignant situations to life.
Since earning a BFA in creative writing from Emerson College, Danielle has worked and traveled in many locations. She finds inspiration in unfamiliar places, new people, and unexpected situations.
Hiking, traveling, reading, cooking and photography are some of her favorite pastimes. She is a passionate consumer of SF/F, mysteries, literary fiction, classics, history, science, mythology, and many other genres, and is always on the lookout for new writers. One of her favorite things is discussing books with other writers and readers.

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