Friday, July 15, 2016

Cover Reveal: Grey by Kade Cook

Grey will be released August 15th. Check out the excerpt here: Grey

A supernatural, thriller, urban fantasy novel.

All the truths of her life were born from the promise of a lie.

A lie that could change everything.

Gabrian Shadwell studied hard and kept her nose to the grindstone in order to live the successful full-life most humans strive for. The problem is, she isn’t exactly human.

After protection wards and cloaking spells are cast to suppress any evidence of magic that may be running through her veins begins scratching it way through the surface, Gabrian fumbles with the unnerving discovery that she can see hazy energy fragments emanating from her clients’ bodies. What is even more shocking is she yearns to devour it. Her perfect straight-forward life as a normal mundane human is just a fa├žade that’s coming to an end. She is comprised of the things spine-chilling nightmares are made of.

With no possible way to return to the simple life she once knew, she struggles to concede to the fact the calm reality of her world has shifted and is now crawling with Borrowers, Mages, and Shadow Walking-beings. But Gabrian’s unyielding thirst for knowledge pushes her to dig her claws in and gain control over her gifts as an energy-lending Borrower—essential for her to survive and earn her place amongst them.

Her chaotic journey of self-discovery takes her from the pan and throws her right into the fire when the tainted eyes of the self-righteous Elders in the realm turn against her. The silken-tongued devil that lurks within the darkness of the realm seems to be the only thing with an empathetic concern towards her—for a price. Her soft-hearted will combats with her logical inner voice about who is really telling her the truth. She tastes the sweet and sours of deception in the air from both sides, but she must choose which force will reign over her freedom thus deciding how tight her shackles will be on the new path she will walk upon.

It is an inner battle she must fight in order to uncover the ugly answers she seeks, and along the way, Gabrian will fall face first into an important and absolute truth—sometimes the only difference between a Borrower and a Vampire is hope.

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