Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Book Review: Love Bites by Antonia Wang

I follow some authors on social media and when I find someone whose writing I consistently like, I'll pick up their book for a more thorough read. Love Bites is one of those, and I'm glad I did.
Ms. Wang writes poetry in a lyrical romantic style with a fine sense of word-play.  I happen to personally like the Celtic poets like Yeats, Thomas, and Burns, and the poems here seem to me to be in that style. While the subject matter harks back to the author's personal circumstances, lines like 'I'm shedding wasabi tears, for verdant dreams that withered in a blazing sun of fears' could have been written by Dylan Thomas.
The poems are written in themes of Heart, Mind, and Home. There are multiple layers within each poem, and I found the book a fine collection for thoughtful reading.  As Ms. Wang says in The Word, 'Poetry is the pixie dust of life.'

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