Sunday, October 14, 2018

Book Review: Upon La Muerte by R. Castro

If you're looking for a suspenseful romance that also deals with Mexican-American culture, then Upon La Muerte is a book you should read. Beatrice Villareal and her family are in Mexico at her grandmother's hacienda to attend the festival of Dios de las Muertos (the days of the dead). Her cousin Sabrina who is close to Beatrice turns up missing, and the family must deal with the consequences of her disappearance.
Though she hasn't been looking for romance, Beatrice is enticed by a neighbor, Fernando Aritza, who is a wealthy businessman and horse breeder. She has her hands full dealing with her grandmother's failing health, the squabbling of her family, and her worries about Sabrina, but Fernando helps her take her mind off all this.
Their romance is a bit old-fashioned, bound by traditional Mexican values, but I found it very interesting to read about their customs. They are a very sweet couple, neither of who was looking for love and are surprised to find it under the circumstances. And of course, there is the mystery of what's happened to Sabrina and how that will impact Beatrice to keep you turning pages.
I think readers will very much enjoy this contemporary suspense romance; I know I did.

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