Sunday, August 21, 2016

Book Review: Beckoning Darkness by J.D. Stonebridge

Beckoning Darkness is an interesting concept. Ariel, an angel who has been imprisoned in Heaven for her misdeeds, is given a second chance. She is sent to Chicago to help the new prophet ordained by Heaven.
Meanwhile, Caelum, a demon, uses Chicago as his territory, not liking Hell. By accident, he comes across Ariel and the prophet and is fascinated by the angel while wanting to cause trouble with the prophet. Eventually, the two must team together to ferret out the schemes of both Heaven and Hell.
The book starts out slow. It needs a bit of editing to do more showing and engage the reader right away. There are also POV changes and some headhopping that can make parts of this hard to follow.
Once I got about a third of the way in, I really started to enjoy the story. Ariel can be a little too prim sometimes, but Caelum is a great character with a good sense of humor. The fight scenes are terrific, too. Book 1 ends on a cliff-hanger, but I'll go on to read Book 2 based on the story so far,

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