Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Release: Missing Summer: Part Two by E.N. Hudgins including excerpts, giveaways, music & teasers

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Title: Missing Summer: Part Two

Series: Missing Summer, #2

Author: E.N. Hudgins

Cover Design: E.N. Hudgins

Genre: Contemporary/New Adult Romance

Release Date: March 15, 2016

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Time changes everything.
Torn between the past that has haunted him and what is happening in the now, Jared runs, again. Terrified of corrupting yet another girl, he does the one thing he is used to. He runs.

"You're gonna make me miss summer,
You're gonna show me that time truly flies,
Show me the smile in hello,
The tears in goodbyes,
You're gonna make me miss summer,
When the winter stings my skin,
When the fallen leaves spin in the wind,
You're gonna make me miss summer."

Time changes everything.
A year has passed when Jared returns to Georgia. His mother has requested that he come home. Not knowing he would be brought face to face with the girl he ran from, he honors his mom's request.

Kollie has been in the same house, with the same job, and the same best friend this whole time. Except now she's completely aware of her demons, and she's been battling to put them to rest. She still doesn't understand what she did to run the one guy who has ever broken past her barrier, away.

When the two come face to face, yet again. In the same house. Will they reconnect and have a more understanding relationship? Or will they break each other completely?

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Music by Charles Hudgins,
available for purchase at  iscream cdbaby for 99¢
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Making my way into the kitchen, I spot Jamie fixing a bowl of cereal and then I notice Mollie on the couch watching TV. No Jared.
“He just left,” Jamie says behind me.
“Did he say where he was going?”
“Oh fuck. Are y’all back on? Are you gonna get all clingy and shit?”
“Fuck you.”
I snatch a handful of froot loops and stalk to my room.
“He went to grab something from his truck cunt.” By the time she finishes he’s walking back inside. “And there he is.”
I turn and see him shutting the door and then he looks at me and smiles. “Miss me?”
“You can fuck off too.” I turn and walk in my room. I can hear them both laughing. So I head to the shower and climb in. I smell like cigarettes, and I don’t know what else, but it is not pleasant.
“Got room for one more?” Jared says as he walks into the bathroom while I’m running the water.
“Didn’t I say fuck off?”
“I was planning to. In your mouth.”

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Missing Summer: Part Three by E.N. Hudgins

Release Date: March 29, 2016

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 iscream 10 things
1.    I'm scared of the dark.
2.    I was raised by a single dad.
3.    I battle with Anxiety & PTSD as does my character Kollie.
4.    My favorite drink is Monsters.
5.    I can't eat while writing.
6.    I'm obsessed with Grunge Rock Bands.
7.    My idol is Carrie Bradshaw.
8.    I'm married to a singer/song writer/aspiring producer
9.    My favorite color is Pink.
10.  I live close to where they filmed The Walking Dead, and I've been a Stalker of the area for years. I still haven't sighted an Actor though.
10.2 I have one tattoo of the word "second" on my index "trigger" finger. It stands for the second amendment.
10.5 My daughter is named after Chyler who plays "Janie" from Not Another Teen Movie. (ALL HER HUSBAND'S IDEA)
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E. N. Hudgins is new to the Author scene. She is currently working on Part Three of Missing Summer, which is scheduled to release March 29, 2016. She's been an avid reader for years and loves all genres of romance that include angst, especially the temper throwing cliffhangers. Her goal is to cause readers to scream, cry, and yell in a crowded library while reading her stories. She loves to write scenes that melt your heart and set your undies on fire.
When she's not writing she works as a graphic artist creating book
covers and tantalizing teasers. 
She lives in Georgia with her husband and two children. They have
a dog named Dixon and a cat named Maggie. Yes, her pet names
are inspired by The Walking Dead.
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