Tuesday, March 1, 2016

One Year Anniversary in my Author Adventure!

On March 1, 2015, I pushed the button to self-publish The Black Swans on Amazon. It has been an exciting year for me and I am very grateful for the blessings that have come my way.

About two years ago I decided to 'retire' from my corporate life, moved to Portland, Maine, and fulfill my dream of becoming a writer. I found that it is a lot harder than I thought. I have learned something new almost every day. I have made mistakes - many mistakes - but see the sentence above about learning something every day.

I have made so many new friends, both in person and around the world on the Internet. And much to my surprise, I found that people were willing and even sometimes eager to read my book. The reviews have been mostly positive, but I appreciate every person who has taken the time to read The Black Swans and leave a review or not. I've been pleased that my book has won a 2015 IndieBRAG medallion and has been selected for as a 2015 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards Finalist (fingers crossed when they announce the Gold and Silver winners on April 1st). 

I have a lot of fun as admin (along with my besties, Angelique Anderson and Tim Allen) administering the W.A.P.A.T (Write a Paragraph/Poem About This) Facebook Group. We have an enjoyable group of people that use pictures and writing prompts to inspire and prod the muse. There are writing and marketing tips posted daily. And it's all very relaxed and such a good time. https://www.facebook.com/groups/WAPAT/ . 

I was just recently signed by Rambunctious Ramblings Publications Inc. for a book, Icarus Rising, that was inspired by one of the pictures in the W.A.P.A.T. group. I am thrilled about that. The authors and team at RRPI are amazing and I'm so happy to be associated with them. 

I've also relished writing my posts for this blog. Whether a post is about Celtic music for Trad Tuesday, an announcement about a fellow author's new book, or a book review, I hope that it is a post that entertains and educates my blog readers. 
I've been asked to write book reviews for Fantasy World emag https://www.facebook.com/Fantasy-Worlds-emag-236364583371916/, and I'm looking forward to it.

In the meantime, I've had a few romance books and short stories come out. I promise that the next book, Applegate Farm, in the Antrim Cycle will be out soon. There are two free short stories to hold you over: The Story of Gilly Flowers and The Oak King and The Holly King.  I love you all, I look forward to exciting years to come, and thank you so much for all that you've given me!

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